Winning at Macros

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Have you ever wondered what your macros should be after weight loss surgery?

Or are macros confusing to you?

Learn the most up-to-date science and practice of macros so you don't take an all-or-nothing approach to achieve incredible results.

Get expert tools and assessments including access to my bariatric macronutrient calculator.

Go beyond the math involved in macros-based strategies so you can use your bariatric program in the real world without confusion.


Weight-loss surgery patients who want to further develop their bariatric nutrition knowledge and skills in order to achieve long-term success.


100% online. Access the course materials from any device, at any time and have access to future updates to the course materials.


This course is entirely self-paced, and the material can be covered in detail in about 2-3 hours.

Macronutrients are about people as much as they are about numbers.

People with their individual physiology, depending on which bariatric surgery they had, complicated lives and varying degrees of experience and motivation will benefit from this program.

Combine those variables with any confusion over how to determine the amount of protein in a chicken breast, which macro ratio is "best"...or what should my macros be to lose fat and build's no wonder so many fail when they try to use a macro-based strategy in the real-world.

The good news?

With my Winning at Macros course, you get everything you need to create macronutrient strategies that will help you to understand the numbers, apply them in everyday life without confusion and get transformational results.

With this course, you'll feel:

Completely confident in your knowledge of what calories and macronutrients are.

Equipped with the knowledge, skills and tools to guide you toward meaningful changes in your body, health and life after weight-loss surgery.

Learn multiple ways to track calories and macros to enhance precision, flexibility, and or/consistency.

This course will set you up for success after weight-loss surgery.



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